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Espier Communities Points and Guidelines

作者 Vivindu on 7月 10, 2013

To protect the interests of Espier users, the below guidelines explain what behavior is expected of you. These guidelines apply to, but are not limited to, Posts, Comments, Revelations, Images and Videos, collectively named “Posts”. Espier users do not violate the guidelines when they create communities or publish posts in communities. Moderators and admins of the Communities are empowered to make decisions and appropriate judgments calls as to what does and does not fall into these categories and take any necessary action based on these guidelines and “Terms and Privacy”.

Get Points

1. Get 20 Points by  publish a Public Chat.

2. Get 20 Points by publish a revelation.

3. Get 5 Points by publish a Private Chat.

Post Rules

1. Conducting any of the following actions (Banned Behaviors) will result in a post or community deleting without chance for appeal, and will be deducted 50 points.

2. Removal of Disruptive Users. Continued disregard for this rule or judged to be disruptive, negative towards other users or not positively contributing to the community will result in an account removal from the community, can’t post for 1 or 3 days, and will be deducted 1000 points.

3. There is no any post, comment or revelation in a community for over 20 days, admins have the right to delete the community.

Banned Behaviors

1. Religions, National Hatred etc.-Posts that negatively portray religions or promote national hatred, either clear and/or masked and/or links to websites containing this type of language. Posts that stereotype based on country, race or religion are unacceptable.

2. Pornography – Linking to, and the posting of, images or videos related to or depicting pornography. Naming sites linked to or associated with pornography is also forbidden. Photos or images from global advertising campaigns or TV shows are not permitted and will result in an infraction.

3. Swearing and Vulgarity – Posts containing or linking to profanity, obscenity, insults, personal attacks, accusations or abusive language will be deleted. Do not post images that include inappropriate language or content.

4. Flaming, Harassing- This includes any kind of personal attack, flame, targeted harassment or intimidation either by posts or private messages.

5. Spamming - Spamming includes bumping, creating posts with the sole purpose of linking to another post, excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish, posting the same post multiple times, repeatedly posting the same topic in different places, 'in before the lock' posts or repeatedly posting images.

6. Advertising – Sending a lot of advertising info, referral links or advert links/images in community or community signatures, avatars posts, profiles or messages is not permitted; Posting false winning information is also prohibited.

Other Rules

Distribution of Personal Information - We advise against posting your contact details on the community easily. Do not give out telephone numbers or addresses for yourselves or others on the public chat, revelation, comments or to your community friends for your own safety.

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in your posts being moved, locked or deleted, and may get your access privilege temporarily or permanently removed.

Espier PrivChat Community Guidelines are subject to change and evolve without notice.